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The old "can't you people take a joke" defense. On the plus side, I think this is the first time there has been an incident like this where a lot of the response has been along the lines of, not cool, bro. Lorraine bracco nude pictures. It's probably true those ten years were for the hacking and not the posting of the images I haven't seen the agreement but regardless of whether it's labeled a sex crime or not, it's not exactly a slap on the wrist.

The act of hacking and disseminating the photos is a crime, and companies like Apple and Google should protect their customers. If Mefites are getting off on outrage the way redditors get off on pics of naked women, by all means enjoy yourselves. Jennifer crystal foley nude. I have few objections to calling that a sex crime. Didn't we just have this conversation? Being well-known carries it's own risks and rewards, and you can make the case that if you make your living off your image, you protect it.

But these are celebrities and I'm sure they're all very nice but they're not gadget freaks for the most part. This article and this conversation happens to be about women, not men. You'd have to find some living person who was harmed by somebody watching the film.

I particularly like how the Hunger Games books don't really sexualize Katniss. Which is by far the worst of several theories. Fat old naked girls. I thought of that stupid misogynistic Seth McFarlane song from the Oscars and how cute JLaw looked when she pumped her fist when he said that he hadn't seen her boobs.

And luckily for you, nobody is going to know whether you did that, because unlike Ms. I have so much sympathy every time a celebrity physically assaults a paparazzi. If you don't understand a technology don't use it. I can't wait to share these images with the wider world! Jennifer Crystal nudity facts: Sure, there's nothing wrong in defending your pal at the pub or making a nice drawing in the margins, but you are a professionalso the act carries a different weight than if you were not.

Here at MeFi there are words like theft, violation, privacy, crime, etc. She always acted so naughty in interviews. I swear, this conversation is like a Voight-Kampff test. The guy doing her from the back was a skit for her comedy special. But I can't help being a creep because hey look everyone else is doing it. If Mefites are getting off on outrage the way redditors get off on pics of naked women, Is this really a claim you believe? It is not Ms. I am horrified by the "welp, what are ya gonna do?

It feels like a gray area between right and wrong. Trannys in denver. You guys know that Jenny McCarthy has herpies right? Adelaide Clemens 29 Tits, Ass. Since many of these women know one another and may have their names in their address books and appleIDs are email addresses it became relatively painless to get this information.

My background consists of exactly one half-semester mini course on security programming and I know better than that.

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Morally reprehensible that a person would do this. In fact that it was done without their consent was a feature not a bug for the person who did this because it's about getting one over on these women that they could never have.

My brother alerted me about the leak by IM-ing me "today is the day the internet ruined JLaw. Hairy little sister. I highly recommend that people enable two factor authentication in their devices.

The Apple Find My iPhone hack was probably just one of many ways these photos were acquired. Everyone's a participant in the ubiquitous online media circus. This lockout is where Apple has now changed things; trying random passwords via the Find My iPhone API will now lock your account after five attempts.

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Also more generally, a pretty much in-your-face "review your cloud storage" feature that the only way you're gonna miss is if you just plain don't care. Jennifer crystal foley nude. The argument is that if you don't encourage the production, then it makes no sense to argue that what you're doing is wrong based on encouraging the production.

Anya Longwell 54 Full Frontal. I was assuming you are familiar with the arguments in that context, since they're well trodden. The idea that Apple is beholden to individual app developers is silly. Tumblr com lesbian. Just in the future, don't look at photos when you have reason to believe that they were obtained or distributed without the subject's consent.

I agree blame should not be pointed toward these women, but to expect criminals to not commit crimes is a bit naive. An argument that is based upon pretending that the societal expectations for men are in any way even remotely close to those for women is a hilariously ridiculous argument. And yes, if you buy publications that violate people's privacy, maybe you should think about not doing that.

From what I've gathered, Ms. Chanel Iman 29 Tits, Ass. Are all celebrities private moments fair game? Or if you like, a particularly big rock being turned over and a lot of scurrying cockroaches.

I hope there are arrests and the book gets thrown at them. I'd describe it as comparable to spy pictures taken in situations where there is an expectation of privacy, such as in the home.

She always acted so naughty in interviews. Why don't we have GCloo? Her daddy did a great job and must be proud. I think the objection is more moral. But maybe I'm wrong, this not exactly my area of expertise. Tumblr plus size milf. Photos of private weddings or other intimate family moments. No, there are pics of men in the leaked photos having sex with the women, so they always secondary to the female subject. I still think Anthony Weiner is a jerk, but in hindsight, the mirthful piling on in the midst of the scandal was pretty shameful, Carlos Danger or not.

The thing is that I doubt that the same level of resources will be brought to bear here. Women took private photos. But the flaw for that argument is there's a really big gray area in terms of celebrity. It is a natural state of being.

The image of a star is carefully crafted and in theory agreed upon by the star. Catherine McClements 53 Full Frontal. People who leak from further out in the supply chain, not so much. Surely the social effects of porn, the industry, its effects on psychology, etc, are not just purely a matter of whether or not the individual performers involved gave their consent?

One could argue that this is not so much a personal violation as it is a professional one. Oh man, that link from dilaudid's comment. And luckily for you, nobody is going to know whether you did that, because unlike Ms.

Younger women are far more likely to use technology like this than someone in their 40s or whatever. For now at least, hacking laws seem best equipped to deal with this sort of thing. That adds up, that directly feeds a toxic culture, all those small personal failures to consider consent building an implicit cultural "okay" to feel ownership over women's bodies.

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I think many have been waiting for the moment Apple begins to slump, just because what goes up must come down anyway, so hopefully the lawsuits from this will help. If not, why is this relevant? Why does the reaction of a single person negate all the other reactions of people to whom the same thing has happened?

Actually, I said that I wasn't entirely comfortable with its criminalization, which is supposed to be a clue that I don't have a settled or strongly defended opinion. Sex picture move. And now a bunch of fanboys are all "hurf durf I saw her naked". Sexy escort kolkata If this sort of thing posted and nobody looked, corporations would have an easier time cracking down on it. Did the guy just throw some extras in there that he shopped or? Everyone's a participant in the ubiquitous online media circus.

Women's bodies in our culture are expected to be less private and more available, especially if they're part of the "public eye," and this is another form of it. Maybe, at least - I can't be sure, I'm waiting for you to tell me with your mindreading powers. Outrage, disappointment, worry, sure. Jennifer crystal foley nude. It's not quantitatively different than any other public exposure of an erstwhile private persona.

Are you actually shaming someone who's already doing the thing that you approve of? In both cases the thing stolen is virtually identical:

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